Coyote Craze Vol. 3 "Fur Fever" DVD

Geoff Nemnich and the rest of the Coyote Craze Crew are back on stand calling coyotes! This action-packed and entertaining video will take you along on over 24 hunts in a wide variety of terrains and weather conditions. Share in the excitement of many incredible moments including Geoff’s 5-year-old son killing his first 2 coyotes!! The weapons systems used include AR-15’s, shotguns and even suppressed rifles!! During each of the hunts, you’ll get all the vital statistics like time of day, sounds used, time on stand, wind speed and direction, caliber and bullet type, moon phase and shot distance. In addition, many of the hunts include extra camera angles like the Coyote’s Last Look and the Ambush Hunter Cam! Geoff breaks down the hunts with professional tips and techniques and gives you real-world instruction designed to make you a more successful predator hunter. At the conclusion are the always popular hits and misses medley that includes an additional 25 kills plus all the entertaining misses! Whether you’re a coyote hunting veteran or just getting started, this video has something for everyone. But be warned, watching this video could lead to an infectious case of Fur Fever!! If this isn’t enough, Geoff includes a 2nd DVD. This BONUS PROGRAM is his one hour SEMINAR just packed with information for every predator hunter which is sure to up your game.
Coyote Craze Vol. 3 "Fur Fever" DVD
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