Coyote Craze Vol 1. "Dead in Their Tracks" DVD

Follow Geoff Nemnich and friends across Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado as they call coyotes in some of the most coyote-rich and scenic areas in the Midwest. From sagebrush to cedar canyons and sand hills to stubble fields, the camera will take you along on a 4 month coyote-calling mission filled with many close encounters. Watch as Geoff calls in singles, doubles and triples with over 13 different people harvesting coyotes on the video, several being their first coyotes ever! Over 38 kills as well as many more entertaining misses!! This video is nothing but real-time action; no reenactments, no fluff! Geoff will also break-down his proven methods of finding the right set, getting into your set, and positioning yourself once on the set. All the coyotes in this video were called in using a FoxPro caller and Geoff will also discuss some of his favorite sounds to use. If you love watching coyotes drop dead in their tracks, this video is for you! 1 hr and 45 mins in length!!
Coyote Craze Vol 1. "Dead in Their Tracks" DVD
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